Our team of disabled veterans (DV) and their families are the best in the business and look forward to serving our customers 24/7!



Anthony Dionisio (DV USN 2003-2008 AC2(AW/SW)) 

24/7 Cell - 347-248-3373   linkedin profile

Anthony holds a Master of Science in Aviation Management and has a background in Government Contracting, Systems Engineering, Air Traffic Control and Electrical work. Besides serving his country and working as a contractor in Iraq and Afganistan, he has personally managed all aspects of at least 250 contracts for the Department of Veteran Affairs totaling over 4 Million. He prides himself on repeat business and relationships which goes hand and hand with his devotion to getting it right the first time!


Resident Engineer

Zsofia Toth-Cassidy (DV Spouse) 

Zsofia holds a Master of Science in Engineering Managment and has a background in electrical engineering with a focus on power transmission.


Procurement Manager

Debra Simpson (DV Family)

Cell - 904-501-1602 (Business Hours 9AM-5PM EST)  linkedin profile

Dee is a government and defense contracting industry veteran, having worked in procurement on most space/defense programs operated by Boeing, Northrop Grumman and NASA for the previous 30 years, there are not too many issues she cannot handle.


Project Manager

Ryan Cassidy (DV USN 2004-2010 AC2(AW/SW))  

Ryan holds a Master of Science in Aviation Management and has a background in Oil Field Operations Management, Air Traffic Control and Rail Traffic Management.



Wii Yatani

If you like the site please contact Wii Directly for design work, he is capable of much more and is a true professional whom we cannot recommend enough.